Artwork Archive: 5 Tips to Get Back into the Studio

These past few months have been particularly challenging for artists.

Even though our profession is mostly solitary by nature, there’s a difference between never leaving your studio because you’re totally engrossed in your work and being confined to one’s studio because of a raging pandemic.

As the first initial weeks of quarantine and lockdown stretched before us, the majority of creatives experienced bouts of euphoria and frenzied output brought on by the specter of all that free time to experiment and create without pressure. This was followed by a drop in creative output as anxiety set in and the call of Netflix became louder and louder.

So now that you’ve binge-watched your favorite shows and Zoomed till your eyeballs caught on fire, it’s time to get back to work.

The trouble is that you might be feeling as your creativity and inspiration have been sapped dry. With decades of experience behind me, trust me, I’ve been there. But avoiding the studio for fear of facing failure just makes things worse.


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