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A few words of introduction… I am both an author and professional artist. A day spent writing or painting is a good day. I was born in Paris, grew up in Australia, lived in Israel and now reside in the US. I feel at home on four continents, which can be both a blessing and a curse! I adhere to the credo that one should write books that one would want to read. For me that means writing about foreign places and people (both famous and infamous) who follow their heart and march to their own beat. Whether you love to read or love to write, thanks for dropping by.


"Lilianne Milgrom's debut novel L'Origine is a testament to the wealth of talent that deserves wider recognition in the publishing world."

—Cevin Bryerman, CEO and publisher of Publishers Weekly

My Debut Historical Novel and Winner of 6 Awards

L’Origine: The secret life of the world’s most erotic masterpiece

L’Origine traces the riveting odyssey of a painting so scandalous it was kept hidden for a century and a half, surviving revolution, war and human greed.

L’Origine delivers a story spiced with famous names, mystery, and sex. Author and visual artist Lilianne Milgrom carries readers along on this painting’s colorful journey, with a deliciously gleeful mix of fact and fiction that is very satisfying. Her beautiful, generous prose about Paris and other settings is much like a verbal impressionist painting.”

— IndieReader Discovery Awards